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Infix PDF Editor
Available in three editions:
FormFiller, Standard,
and Professional

Compare Infix PDF Editor Editions

Differences at a Glance

Infix PDF Editor is available in three editions: Standard, Professional and FormFiller. The table below summarises a few differences between these editions. For a complete evaluation we recommend downloading the trial version, which will enable you to try out all the features of each edition absolutely for free!

Infix Standard

The standard edition features a powerful set of text and graphic editing capabilities, offering an affordable solution for general editing tasks on individual documents.

Infix Professional

The professional edition extends the functionality of Infix to include batch processing and features for more specialised tasks.

Infix FormFiller

Available for free, this edition will enable you to complete and save PDF forms, but further editing features have been disabled.

  FormFiller Standard Professional
  FormFiller Standard Professional
Text Features
Create and edit new text boxes movie Y Y Y
Tabs & indents movie Y Y Y
Paragraph alignment movie Y Y Y
Paragraph formatting movie Y Y Y
Standard controls for font, size, super/sub script movie Y Y Y
Underline & strike-through text movie Y Y Y
Professional hyphenation & justification movie Y Y Y
Highlight changed text movie Y Y Y
Spell check in 20+ languages Y Y Y
Edit existing text Y Y
OCR corrections Y Y
Flow text across columns and pages movie Y Y
Vertical text alignment movie Y Y
Search & Replace movie Y Y
- across multiple documents Y
- fonts Y
Convert text to outline vectors Y
Advanced text fitting movie Y
Text tagging for Infix Server templates Y
Objects & Graphics
Change fill & stroke colour & line width movie Y Y Y
Delete, insert, re-order pages movie Y Y
Insert, Replace and Extract images movie Y Y
Move, scale, rotate graphics and images movie Y Y
Copy objects between pages and documents movie Y Y
Edit sticky notes and hyperlinks Y Y
Draw shapes - circles, lines, rectangles Y Y
Place PDF movie Y
Industry standard CMYK colour picker movie Y
Object grouping & alignment movie Y
Create & manipulate clip paths movie Y
Document colour catalogue Y
Image tagging for Infix Server templates Y
Convert any document to PDF Y Y Y
Modify document security Y Y Y
Edit bookmarks Y Y Y
Export as HTML, RTF, Tiff, JPEG Y Y
Basic pre-press flight check Y Y
Translation (XML export/import) Y
30 Day money back guarantee n/a Y Y
Upgrade (from v3 Pro) $59
Upgrade (from Infix Standard) $59
Full Price $0 $99 $159
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