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User Restrictions


Once applied, User Restrictions are effective in all versions of Infix but can only be removed or altered using Infix Pro.

To view and change the restriction choose Document > User Restrictions... or click on the Restrictions hyperlink in the Document > Properties... dialogue box.

  • Approval required after editing

    Documents based upon templates will have an 'Approval Required' watermark added when saved. This can only be removed using Infix Pro.

  • Basic flight check on save

    Infix checks for a minimum of 300dpi resolution on all images in the PDF and for

    CMYK colour spaces. This is in addition to the standard check for overset text.

  • Edit using existing fonts only / Edit using existing colours only

    Limits the available fonts and/or colours that can be used to those already in use in the PDF. This helps to ensure users do not deviate from the initial design goals or corporate identity colour schemes.

    When colours are restricted, users are presented with the Swatches dialogue when they wish to change the colour of an object.

  • Disable text scaling

    When scaling objects, text boxes are not be affected.

  • Lock left alignment of all objects

    Limits the directions in which objects may be moved.

    Text boxes may be resized to allow for more text for example, but their position along their x-axis cannot be altered. This is to help maintain the essence of the design's original layout.

  • Preserve aspect ratio during scaling

    Ensures that no objects can be stretched out of proportion. Any scaling is applied equally to both x & y axes.