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Naming Multiple Images


Infix Pro offers a short-cut for naming multiple images. It also offers a way of checking whether images have been named already.

Choose the Object tool from the toolbar.

Then choose Object > Name Images... from the main menu bar.

Enter a base name for your images and set the scaling mode to be used for each.

The settings for individual images may be altered later by using the method detailed on the previous page.

Click on each image to name it.

Every time you click an image it will be given a name by applying a new suffix to the base name you supplied. For example Image-1, Image-2, Image-3.

The name will displayed within the bounding box of the image.




An example of an image showing its label "Image-4".

To finish naming images choose:
Object > Name Images... or change to another tool.

Choosing the Object > Name Images... menu option at any time in the future will show any existing image labels.