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Embedded Font & Colour Resources


To ensure portability and ease of editing, templates should include embedded font definitions for all the character shapes likely to be used.

For templates with a restricted colour palette (see "User Restrictions" earlier in this section) it may be necessary to define optional colours not yet used in the template but that may be used in future.

Both of these requirements can be met by including a "resource page" in your template.

An example resource page containing two fonts and four colours.

The page can be prepared within Infix or using any other editor capable of generating PDF.

Document > Resource Page > Add... to embed the resource page within the currently open PDF.

The resource page will not appear as part of the document in any PDF viewer and will not be output if the PDF is printed.

Checking Resource Pages

The Document Properties dialogue box will show the existence of a resource page in a PDF.

Choose Document > Resource Page > Extract... to copy the embedded page to a new file and view it in Infix.