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Dynamic Text Using Tokens


For Infix Server to accurately find the target text you wish to replace in your templates, the text should form unique names or tokens.

For this business card, the artwork has been produced with tokens specifying the location of text to be replaced.

The token text's font, alignment, margins etc. will be retained when it is replaced by Infix Server.




email: [EMAIL]
mobile: [MOBILE]
landline: 01603 628289 / x25

Here the tokens have been included within the body text.

When replaced, the body text will be reflowed to ensure correct layout.

The [PRODUCT] token is using a different font to the rest of the body text.

Dear [CNAME],

Thank you for purchasing the [PRODUCT] on [PDATE].

We would like to take this opportunity to remind of our aware-winning after-sales care and invite you to sign-up for our free newsletter covering all aspects of the [PRODUCT] plus hints and tips for getting the most out of it.


  • To ensure predictable reflow after token replacement in body text, prepare the PDF using Infix, setting text-box sizes and paragraph alignments etc.
  • Reflow behaviour can be controlled by the name of the tokens themselves. This is useful for templates that have not been prepared using Infix. See the Infix Server user manual for more information.