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Dynamic Text Using Text Fields


The use of tokens such a [JOBTITLE] in a PDF template where layout or spacing is critical is sometimes impractical. In these cases, a block of existing text can be given a name without affecting the text itself. This name can then be used as a target for replacements via Infix Server.

In this example the box containing "A" is too small for a token such as [SECTION].

Using the Text Tool, select the "A".

Choose Text > Field Attributes...

Enter the token name into the Callout Name: text box.

This is the name that will be used in the Infix Server configuration file.

You can (optionally) control how Infix Server will reflow the replaced text.

These two pop-ups behave the same way as those in the Replace Format Dialogue used during Find & Replace.




The Control: option instructs Infix Server to delete the field and its containing paragraph should it become empty after processing.

The content of the Description: field will be shown in a tooltip window whenever the mouse hovers over a text field.

It will also appear after using the View > Go To Next Field menu item.

Choose View > Text Fields to have Infix highlight text fields.

The colour used for each field is decided by Infix.