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Dynamic Page Size


It can be useful if a template automatically grows to fit the text being flowed into it. Infix Server can do this by extending the length of a page and crop box as well as stretching and moving any relevant graphics and page furniture.

Using the Text tool click inside the main text box of the ad.

The size of this text box after substituting text will be used to re-size the entire ad.

Only one text box can be used to control overall ad-size.

Choose Text > Text Boxes > Data Fields...

• Set Can Grow to True
This means that instead of text overflow resulting in an overset text box (and the text being invisible), the text box will grow downwards to accommodate all the text placed in it.

• Set Move Objects Below to True
All objects below the bottom line of the text box will move as the text box grows this includes any text, borders and the actual page size itself.



Objects above key text box will not be moved or stretched.

Between top & bottom of key text box, objects will be stretched as the text box grows

Objects will be moved down as key text box grows

Flowing new text into the key text box causes the ad to grow (along with the page & crop box)


Key text box has been extended. Border around ad has been stretched in proportion to the text box's growth

Objects moved downwards

Controlling Dynamic Page Growth

To ensure pages grow in predetermined steps (1/2 inch steps for example), set the Growth Step in the Text Box Attributes dialogue box to the required point size.

Here the Growth Step has been set to 1/2 inch. This means the entire ad will extend downwards in jumps of 1/2 inch.

This includes the page's media box and crop box.


  • The minimum size of the page is the size before any substitutions have been made. That is, the size when preparing the template in Infix Pro.
  • Decorative, repeating borders and certain kinds of artwork may not respond well to being stretched vertically. Hence this approach may not be suitable for all ad types.