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Basic Templates


Infix Pro can be used to setup PDFs ready for interactive editing with lesser versions of the software.

Individual objects in the PDF can be locked and restrictions added to control the way the document can be edited in future such as limiting the colours that can be used.

Infix Pro can also create variable PDFs for use with Infix Server. These can include variable elements for large-volume, automated creation of customised PDFs.

Open your PDF.

This example uses a basic envelope design produced using Infix or any other design application capable of generating a PDF.

Using the text tool, drag out a central text box for the address. Ensure it is big enough to accommodate most addresses.

Enter some sample text to indicate where the user should type.

Choose a font and size for the sample text so that users of the template do not need to bother.



Choose Document > User Restrictions... to display the User Restrictions dialogue box.

Use this dialogue to limit how users interact with the template. For example, limiting the fonts they can use when editing.

Press OK then save the PDF as normal.