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Using Pay & Save



When you save your edited PDF using the free version of Infix, a watermark is added to each modified page.

You can avoid adding a watermark even when using the free version of Infix by using the Pay & Save option.

You will need internet access in order to use Pay & Save.

Choose Save... or Save As... from the File menu.

Press the Pay & Save button to save your PDF without a watermark.

If you don't have a Pay & Save code already, press Buy a save code.

If you do have a code that you think may still be valid, press I know my code... and skip to step 5.



On pressing the Buy... button your web browser will open and display the Pay & Save purchase page.

From here you can purchase your Pay & Save code using a credit card via a totally secure on-line transaction system.

Your new code is then automatically registered in Iceni's on-line database and a copy is emailed to you for your own records.

Once you have completed the purchase, switch back to Infix and press the Save Document button.

Infix will connect to the on-line Pay & Save database to verify your recent purchase, then save the PDF without a watermark.

If you already have a Pay & Save code from a previous purchase you may be able to reuse it.

When you buy your Pay & Save codes you can specify how many 'saves' to incorporate into the code. So for example, if you previously bought a code for 5 saves and you have used only 3 of them so far, your code could be used 2 more times before it expires.





  • Avoid editing watermarked documents with other PDF editing software.
  • The Pay & Save feature is only available in Infix Standard Edition.
  • Infix Form Filler always adds a watermark and so this dialogue box does not appear.