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Infix Preferences

To modify certain features of Infix, choose File > Preferences...

Controls hyphenation throughout all text in the PDF.

To control the hyphenation within a particular paragraph, select the Text Edit tool and begin editing the paragraph in question.

Right-click the mouse in the paragraph and choose Disable Hyphenation (Infix Pro only).

Controls how the spell checker behaves and which dictionary is used.

The choice of spelling dictionary also controls hyphenation and justification.

It is very important that the language setting matches the predominant language of your PDF otherwise you may get poor results when fully justifying text.

The default language setting is English (US).

Edited text can be highlighted in the chosen colour. This setting effects both on-screen display and printing.

When using File > Save... Infix can make a backup of the original file named "Backup of myfile.pdf".

This can be disabled for large files or when saving over networks.

When active, Infix saves a recovery backup of the current PDF every few minutes. An interval of around 10 minutes is reasonable.

When saving an edited PDF Infix stores additional information such as tab-stop positions, paragraph alignments, indents and margins etc. This makes it easier to edit the PDF using Infix or Infix Server but also increase the size of the PDF file.

Choose Never if you want to keep the PDF file as small as possible and do not need to keep the information.

Choose Always if the increase in file size is less important than ease of editing (or if you are making templates for Infix Server).

Choose Sometimes to let Infix decide. This is the default.

This is the name that will be stored in the Change Log generated whenever edits are made to a PDF.