Basic Text Editing



Infix enables you to edit text in a PDF document as if you were using a regular word processor.

Open the PDF to be edited.

From the toolbar select the Text tool.

Click the mouse on the text to be edited.

Edit the text - in this example the letter "r" has been added to "your".

The red box indicates that the text box is too small to show all the text. The text box needs to be expanded.




To reveal the missing text, resize the text box.

Drag the left & right resize handles outwards to make the box slightly wider.

The text now fits on two lines as before.

Save the changes you have made to your PDF.

If you have the free version of Infix you will see this dialogue box.

You have the option to save your PDF with a watermark added to edited pages. The watermarks can be safely removed at a later date.

The second option allows you to save the PDF without a watermark for a small fee.

The third option activates your copy of Infix using the activation key supplied when you purchase the product. After activation watermarks are no longer added to PDFs.