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Activating Infix

All editions of Infix will add watermarks to saved PDFs unless you activate the software using the code supplied when purchased.

Codes are usually provided as part of a purchase receipt email. If cannot find your code, please contact sales at

Choose Help > Buy/Activate...

If you have your activation key code to hand, press Activate...

If you have not yet purchased Infix, press Purchase.

This will attempt to open the Infix web page using your system's default web browser.

Once you have bought a license and have an activation key, press the Activate... button.



On-line Activation

Your code may be a number or sequence of numbers and letters or your email address.

On-line activation is the quickest method.

If your computer does not have an internet connection, uncheck this box.

Potential Problems

If your computer is behind a firewall or web access is blocked in some way, the activation may not succeed. If this is the case, follow the off-line activation instructions below.

Off-line Activation

Uncheck the Activate on-line check box to reveal the lower part of the dialogue box.

If you see this message after un-checking the Activate on-line check box, you need to obtain a different version of Infix.

As a security precaution, the demo versions of Infix available from Iceni's web site cannot be activated off-line.

Use the download link provided in your emailed purchase receipt or contact to obtain a version which does allow off-line activation.



Off-line activation is available in the version of Infix on your CDROM or from the web link included in your emailed purchase receipt.

This is the code you should send to Iceni (your code will be different to that pictured). The code changes every time you install Infix.

Press the Copy button to copy the code to the clipboard (to avoid copying it by hand).

Iceni will use the code you send to generate an off-line activation key - normally within 24 hours (except at weekends).

When you receive your off-line key enter it here.

The key will only work on the computer you used to generate the code.

It will not work if you have re-installed Infix on that computer since you requested the off-line activation.