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Exporting Pages As Other Formats



Infix can export pages or entire PDFs as plain text, HTML, RTF, TIFF and JPEG.

Conversion Formats

Plain text

HTML (Images as PNG)

RTF + Images

Multi-page Tiff


HTML3 - <H1>, <H2> etc...

HTML 4 - <FONT SIZE= etc...

HTML 4 - separate style sheet file

HTML 4 CSS with layout

Open the PDF to be converted.

Choose File > Export As...

Choose the conversion: plain text, HTML, RTF, Tiff or JPEG.

Choose the pages to be converted.


  • The JPEG & Tiff conversions render entire pages and not individual images.
  • To export images only, select one of the HTML conversions. All images will be exported as PNG files and placed in the same folder as the HTML output.