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Changing Font



Form Filler

You can change the font used to draw text to any one of the fonts used elsewhere in the PDF or to any TrueType font installed in your Windows system.

Select the Text tool and click on a block of text to begin editing.

Select some text by dragging the caret, double-clicking the mouse or using the cursor keys while holding down the Shift key.

Choose one of the fonts listed in the drop-down menu in the formatting toolbar or from Text > Font in the main menu.

The menu lists all the fonts used in the PDF (in this case there are six) followed by all the fonts installed on your computer that could be used in your PDF.

Each font you use gets added to the top of the menu for easier selection next time.

If the font chosen does not have all the glyphs required, Infix will warn you and ask you to choose an alternative font instead.