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Changing Font Size



Form Filler

You can alter the size of text in two ways: use the Object tool* to scale it as you would scale any graphic object or use the Text tool to set the size of the text font in points (1/72 inch).

Using The Text Tool

Select the Text tool and click on a block of text to begin editing.

Select some text by dragging the caret, double-clicking the mouse or using the cursor keys while holding down the Shift key.

From the font size drop-down menu choose a new size for the selection.

If the size you want is not in the menu enter the size in the drop-down menu's edit box then press Return.

You can also choose Text > Size > Other... from the main menu.

The text size has been changed and any affected text reflowed.





  • The Object tool is not available when using Infix Form Filler