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Bold, Overprint & Italic Text



Form Filler

Infix includes buttons to switch between normal and Bold/Italic versions of a font. These buttons may operate in the manner you expect.

Actual Bold

Using the Text tool, select some text.

Press the Bold button or Ctrl+B.

If the bold version of the font is available, Infix switches fonts.

In this example, the font has changed from Bitstream Vera Sans to Bitstream Vera Sans Bold, both available in the PDF.

Simulated Bold

If the bold versions of the selected characters are not available Infix will simulate bold by overprinting the characters.

This text, written using Minion-DisplayRegular has no bold equivalent in the PDF or on disc.

Pressing Bold causes Infix to overprint the text to simulate the bold effect. Notice that the font name has not changed in the font drop-down.


If the italic version of the selected text is not available in the PDF or on disc, then Infix will show this warning.

Infix cannot simulate italic text in the way that it can bold text.


  • Infix does not simulate italic text.
  • Italics cannot be undone if the non-italic font is not available on disc or in the PDF.
  • Bold text cannot be undone if the plain font is not available, unless it was previously only simulated bold.
  • The simulated bold (overprint) effect will be detected again by Infix when the PDF is re-loaded.