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Text Reflow Modes



Infix offers three modes for controlling the way text is reflowed during search and replace:

1. Reflow: New Text Only

This mode is useful when dealing with tabular data, headers, footers or other single lines where retaining the original spacing and gaps between words is important.

The minimum reflow is done. The new text is left, centre or right aligned within the space occupied by the text being replaced.

In this mode, you may end up with words printed on top of each other if the replacement text is much longer than the original.

2. Reflow: Containing Line Only (default mode)

This mode is useful when you wish to cause minimum changes to existing paragraphs whilst ensuring changed lines blend in correctly.

Only the line (or lines)containing the search text will be reflowed after replacement. Lines can left, centre or right aligned regardless of the alignment of their paragraphs.

The 'auto' option will use the containing paragraph's current alignment.

3. Reflow: Containing Paragraph

The entire paragraph (and those near it) may be reflowed according to their current alignment. You cannot dictate the alignment used in this mode.

If a paragraph grows longer after reflowing, some of the text may become 'overset'. This is signified by a red square on the bottom-right edge of the text box. You may need to make the text box bigger to accommodate the text.

Resetting Letter Spacing

When only the font is changed as a result of a search & replace operation the existing letter spacings may not be appropriate for the new font.

Checking Reset Letter Spacing will cause both inter-character and inter-word spacing to be set to 0 for every character affected.

Reflow: New Text Only

In this example, the header text is to be altered whilst retaining the gap between the page number and the text.

Choose the Edit > Replace... menu item.

Fill in the Find: and Replace: text boxes.
Press the hyperlink next to the Replace: text box.

To ensure that the new text is right-aligned and that the page number is left where it is -

Choose New Text Only from the Reflow: pop-up menu

Choose Right from the Alignment: pop-up menu




Reflow: New Text Only

Original text

Editing Graphics & Images


Editing Graphics


Editing Graphics


Editing Graphics


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Align: Left
New text is aligned with the start of the old text. If new text is longer than old, it may overflow and collide with page number.

Align: Centre
New text is aligned with the centre of the old text. If it becomes longer it will extend beyond the original left/right bounds of the old text.

Align: Right
New text is aligned with the end of the old text. If new text is longer than old, it may extend beyond the left extent of the original text.

Reflow: Containing Paragraph
The entire line is reflowed and left justified. The page number is moved during the reflow.

Reflow: Containing Line Only

"Cigar Club" -> "Smoking Society"

In this example, "Cigar Club" is replaced by "Smoking Society", reflowing only one line of the paragraph.

To make room, the words have been moved closer together on the first line.

None of the other lines has been altered.



Potential Problems

"Cigar Club" -> "Old Smoking Society"

There is not enough room for the replacement text on the line so words have begun to run-in to each other.

This is the same replacement using Alignment: Left.

The text has grown beyond the edge of the text box.


  • Use Reflow: Containing Paragraph option only if you are confident that reflowing the paragraph will not destroy any existing indentation or special layout.
  • When using Reflow:New Text Only the new text may collide with existing text if it longer that the original text.

Find & Replace In Long Documents



During find & replace in a long PDF (more than 100 pages), Infix will save the partially complete PDF every 100 pages.

On completion, the finished PDF MyDoc.pdf will be renamed MyDoc-01.pdf. The original PDF (before the find & replace) will remain unchanged.

If you perform further search and replace operations on the new document, it will be renamed MyDoc-02.pdf and so on.