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Find & Replace Styled Text


You can search for a word or phrase formatted with a particular font, size or colour. You can also search for all text formatted in a particular way.

To change all the character names in a Shakespeare script so that they appear in blue...

Using the text edit tool, select an example of the text to be changed.

Minion-Italic, 7 point

Choose Edit > Replace... to open the Replace dialogue box.

The selected text will appear in the Find: box.

To find all text with the same style, uncheck the Find: check box. The target text will grey-out.

Next, click on the Character Format hyperlink to open the formatting dialogue box.




The Find Format dialogue reflects the formatting of the text from your initial selection, though it remains inactive until you press OK.

Press OK to activate the formatting.

Whenever a format is active for a search, a brief summary of the styles chosen is shown next to the Find: text box.

Click on the hyperlink next to the Replace: text box to open the Replace Format dialogue box.

The Replace Format dialogue box displays the formatting of the initial text selection.

Click on the Fill colour check box to enable the colour picker button next to it.

Click on the colour button to choose a new colour.

(In the example image a blue colour has already been chosen)




Reflow and alignment changes should be kept to a minimum (we only want to change text colour).

Ensure that Reflow: is New Text Only and Alignment: is set to Left.

Then press OK to activate the formatting.

Uncheck the box next to Replace:. The replace text box will grey-out.

Press the OK button to activate the format settings.

The Replace dialogue box should look something like this.

Press Replace All to start the process which may take some time to finish.




Once finished, all character names have been changed to blue throughout the PDF.



  • To remove any Find: formatting click the formatting hyperlink next to the Find: text box and set Font & Font Size to "Any" then uncheck both colour check boxes.
  • Replace: formatting can be disabled in the same way as detailed above.
  • Infix will save a partial copy of the PDF every 100 or so pages during a long Find & Replace operation.
  • To cancel a Find/Replace operation, press Escape or close the dialogue box.