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Find & Replace In Files


Infix Pro can automatically perform a Find & Replace operation on multiple files. This can be useful when the same changes need to be made to many files.

Choose Edit > Find & Replace In Files... to open the dialogue.

You do not have to have a PDF open already to use it.

Upper part of the dialogue is like the Find & Replace dialogue box.

Lower part of the dialogue is where you add files to be searched.

Click to add files to the list

Click to add all the PDF files in a folder (and its sub-folders)

Deletes files from the list (does not delete the actual file from disc)



Once your search has been setup and you have added some files to the list, press Replace All...

Setup Folders

The Setup Folders dialogue will open.

Supply a location in which to save the processed files.

If you do not use this option, your original files will be over written (a backup will not be made).

You are strongly advised to ensure you have a backup of the original files.

You may also give an optional folder for error files.

Errors can occur when there is no suitable font for substitution for example.




During the search, the dialogue shows the number of changes made, and current page being searched.

The current PDF being searched is highlighted in the list of files.

When doing Find In Files, pressing Show Results will display the results list. This list is updated as the search proceeds.

Once the search has finished, double clicking on a result will open the relevant PDF and show the text.