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Advanced Find & Replace


Infix Pro offers additional facilities such as the ability to specify the font, size and colour of both the target and replacement text as well as simple wild card searches.

Type the word(s) you are searching for here.

Press here to see previous searches

Click here to limit the search to certain fonts, sizes and colours of text.

Click here to limit searching to specific pages

Check this box if capitalisation is important

Controls the way replaced text is justified, its font, size & colour

If left unchecked, a search for "in" would also match "running" and "ingrowing"

Interactive list of all found text

Check to activate wild card matching. Available wild cards are:
 * to match zero or more characters
 + to match 1 or more characters
 ? to match a single character


  • If the Replace: text cannot be rendered in the font of the text being replaced, you may see a dialogue box like the following:

    In this case, try setting the font used for the replacement text by pressing the Format... hyperlink next to the Replace: text.