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Swatches Catalogue


The Swatches window shows all the colours used in a PDF. It can also be used to change the colour of selected objects.

Choose View > Swatches... to open the swatches catalogue.

There may be a short delay while the catalogue is built.

The catalogue shows the component values of each colour and (if available), the names of separation colours.

Double-click on a colour to change any selected objects.

CMYK, Gray and Separation colour values are shown as a percentages from 0 to 100.

RGB values range from 0 to 255

Choose between fill or line colour by clicking on the shape.

Click on the black arrows to swap fill & line colours.




  • You can restrict the colour available during editing to just those in the PDF or in a special hidden resource page. See User Restrictions for more information.
  • The swatches catalogue is populated only when a PDF is opened.