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Selecting Objects



Select the Object tool from the tool bar.

Click on a single object to select it.

If objects overlap, the top-most object is selected. Move or remove the top-most object to reveal and select objects it covers.

Some pages are littered with invisible objects making selections difficult. These objects can usually be safely removed without altering the appearance of the page.

Drag out a box to select all objects touching the box.

Hold Shift to remove objects from the current selection.

Cut/Copy/Paste may be used on single objects or groups of objects.


  • Press Backspace or Delete on your keyboard to delete selected objects.
  • Click and drag to move the object or selection of objects to a new position.
  • Use the cursor keys to move selected objects by 1 point (1/72 inch). Hold the Shift key as well to move by 10 points.
  • Copy/Paste of graphics between Infix & other applications is not supported.