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Replacing Images



You can substitute an existing image for another loaded from disc. Supported image formats are JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PDF.

Choose the Object tool from the toolbar.

Select the image to be replaced, then choose Edit > Replace Object...

You can also click the right mouse button to see a similar menu.

In this example a picture of a Volkswagen Beetle has replaced the old image.

The new image is placed inside the clipping mask (pink outline) used by the old image.

The new image is automatically selected after being inserted.

Scale the new image by dragging one of the resize handles outwards.

Hold the Shift key at the same time to ensure the aspect ratio is maintained.




The new image needs to be moved to the centre of the clip mask.

Drag it to its new position using the mouse or nudge it using the cursor keys (and Shift for larger steps).

The finished result after scaling and repositioning the new image.