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Changing Colour (RGB) & Line Width


Form Filler

All objects (except clipping paths and images) can have a line or stroke colour and a fill colour.

You can choose new colours for either or make the line or fill invisible.

Circle has red line colour, yellow fill colour

Text has black fill colour and no line colour (this is common for text)

Text has no fill colour and red line colour

To change the colour of the selection press the Fill Colour or Line Colour buttons.
These buttons also display the currently selected colour.

The line and fill colour dialogue boxes offer a simple way of selecting colours from the RGB (red-green-blue) colour space.

Click to make the line colour invisible. A similar check box exists on the fill-colour dialogue box for removing the fill colour.

Control the thickness of the outline by specifying a value in points (1/72 inch)

A thickness of 0.0 will be rendered as a hairline.