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Changing Colour & Line Width (CMYK)


Infix Pro lets you change the fill and stroke colours of selected objects. Various different selection methods are offered including a CMYK colour picker.

Press the Colour button to open the colour picker dialogue box.

The fill and stroke colours are both displays on the same toolbar button.

Press Swatches... to see a catalogue of all the colours currently in use in the PDF.

Line colour

Switch fill/line colours

Fill colour

Short cuts for transparent, white & black




  • The simple colour picker used by Infix (Standard) and Infix Form Filler always chooses colours from the RGB palette. If the selected objects use a different colour space (such as CMYK), Infix converts the RGB value into CMYK. This can cause a slight difference in appearance of the colour which is unavoidable when converting between light and ink-based colour spaces.
  • All versions of Infix retain the original colour space of an object.