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Tracking Changes



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Infix can highlight text that has been modified during previous editing sessions. It also records the date, author and page number of all changes made to PDFs (see step 3 below).

Choose File > Preferences...

Ensure Show changed text in: is enabled.

You can also choose the colour used for highlighting.

Text that has been modified in this or previous sessions will be highlighted using the colour chosen in the preferences dialogue box.

To see a complete history of all pages modified using Infix (version 2 or later) choose Document > Change Log.




User Elangkumaran C modified the PDF on Friday, 4th August, 2006. No particular page was edited (Perhaps security settings were modified.)

User Guy Bushnell modified pages 1, 2, 16 to 48 and some others on Wednesday 5th September 2007.


  • Infix cannot highlight text that has been deleted. It will however, record that a modification has been made to the page that used to contain the text.
  • Only changes made with Infix version 2 (or later) are recorded.