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Document Font Catalogue



Infix can list all of the fonts used in a PDF plus additional information about the nature of each font.

Choose Document > Fonts... to view the font catalogue.

Font types can include any that are supported by the PDF standard - TrueType, Type1, Type3, OpenType etc..

During editing, Infix can only embed TrueType fonts taken from your computer's system.

The number of character shapes defined by the font.

"Yes" indicates that the font has a built-in mapping to Unicode

Names of fonts currently embedded in the PDF.

Fonts introduced during the current editing session will not appear until the PDF is saved.

Names prefixed with "XXXXXX+" represents subset fonts.

Shows the font being used for on-screen display.

If the font is embedded in the PDF it will be used and labelled "embedded".

If the font is not embedded in the PDF the font substitute chosen by Infix will be shown. This may be from Infix's built-in fonts or from your computer's system fonts.


  • When editing text, choose Text > Character Palette... to view all of the glyphs contained in a font.