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Fonts In PDF

To be truly portable, a PDF must include all the fonts it needs to display correctly. These embedded fonts describe the way in which each character is drawn.

Typically there will be some characters in a font that are not used in a PDF. In this case, a font-subset may be embedded to help reduce the size of the PDF.

A PDF may also simply name the fonts it needs rather than include them. Provided the viewer's computer has the named fonts installed, the PDF will display correctly. If not, the viewer program will try to use a substitute font that is similar in appearance.

Certain fonts are always available on every computer that can view PDFs. These are Courier, Times, Helvetica and Symbol. Consequently these fonts are not commonly embedded.

Font Considerations When Editing

Editing text written with a font that is embedded does not normally present any problems - all of the font's characters are available.

When just a subset of a font is embedded, Infix will search for the required font within your computer's system fonts and will automatically load and use it if found.

If no match can be found, you will have to use a different font instead.

For example, a PDF that contains a single headline written in the font "Marker Felt-Wide":

may include character definitions for the following letters only: