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Editing Non-English Text

When editing PDFs written in various different languages please remember the following:

  • hyphenation will only work if the correct language is chosen using the File > Preferences... menu option. If the correct language is not available, it may be better to disable hyphenation.
  • spell check requires the correct language to be specified using the File > Preferences... menu.
  • Infix only supports editing of text read left-to-right. This means editing of Arabic and Hebrew texts is not supported.

Double Byte Support

Infix fully supports copy/paste of double-byte characters.

A double-byte character can be typed directly by holding down Alt while entering the decimal value of the character using the numeric keypad (ensure that 'NumLock' is lit on your keyboard). The character will be inserted when you release the Alt key.

For example: Alt+0190 = 3/4
(you do not need to type the '+' character)

The character codes can be found by using the Character Map utility in most versions of Microsoft Windows.

Display of Double-Byte Characters

When a PDF does not include a required font, Infix substitutes one of its built-in fonts. These fonts cover the standard Latin character sets plus Hiragana, Katakana and a selection of special characters.

If you install the optional Asian Font Pack (available from the built-in fonts can be extended to include a useful selection of Chinese and Japanese characters.

Characters for which no substitute exists will appear as squares in Infix but may display correctly in other viewers.