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Sticky Notes

You can create new or edit existing "sticky note" annotations in PDFs. These are small pop-up windows designed to contain short messages such as approval or editorial comments.

Anatomy Of A Sticky Note

Stick note icon.

This can be moved around independently of the sticky note window.

Double-click the icon to toggle the main note window open or closed.

Title bar - shows name of note author, title, date and time of last modification.

Close box

Message area with scroll bar

Resize box


  • If you can not see the sticky-note window after double-clicking on the sticky note icon, try scrolling the page or zooming out. It may be off the screen somewhere.
  • There are a number of alternative icons available - see Stick Note Properties for details.
  • To change the author's name assigned to new notes, choose File > Preferences... from the main menu.
  • Sticky notes are not included when printing PDFs.