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Use hyperlink annotations to create interactive boxes which, when activated by the reader, will jump to another part of the same PDF, a different PDF or web address (using an external HTML browser).

Click on the Link Tool button in the main toolbar.

Drag-out a box to denote the shape of the hyperlink region.

After drawing the hyperlink box, the Link Properties dialogue box is displayed.

Choose the action to be performed when the reader clicks on the hyperlink:

  • Go to view
  • Open a file
  • Word Wide Web Link

Changing the Action Type: option will cause the bottom section of the dialogue box to change.




Action Type: Go To View

Choose Go To View

While the dialogue is open, return to the main PDF window and navigate to the page and position you want displayed when someone clicks on the new hyperlink.

Return to the dialogue and choose the Magnification: for the destination view.

Press OK to create the hyperlink.

Action Type: Open File

Choose Open File

Press Select File... to choose the file to be opened when the hyperlink is activated.



Action Type: Go To URL

Choose World Wide Web Link

Press Edit URL... to specify the address to open when the hyperlink is activated.

Web addresses should begin with "http://"