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Automatic Bookmarks

Infix can create bookmarks automatically. This is especially useful for long PDFs that have no bookmarks.

The bookmarks for this guide were created this way and then edited to remove any unwanted entries that were added automatically.

With a PDF already open, choose Edit > Create Bookmarks or press Ctrl-B.

All pages from the current page onwards will be trawled in an attempt to find suitable bookmarks.

If the PDF already has bookmarks, Infix will prompt you to proceed. If you do, all existing bookmarks will be removed before the new ones are added.




  • The quality and number of bookmarks created depends on the style of PDF used.
  • You may need to add, remove or move some bookmarks after auto creation.
  • If you do not wish to include certain pages in the bookmark tree - title and contents pages for example, turn to a page after these before choosing Edit > Create Bookmarks.