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Text Box Fitting


Infix can alter various aspects of text formatting in order to make text fit inside its text box.

Edit a text box using the Text tool then choose:
Text > Box Alignment > Full...

The text shown here is top aligned which is the default alignment.

Use the Text Box Fitting Limits dialogue box to select the aspects of formatting which should be modified and by how much.

During fitting, Infix tries altering the enabled aspects of formatting in the order they are listed in the dialogue.

The fitting process stops as soon as an acceptable result has been achieved even if all metrics have not yet been used.

Deactivate fitting metrics by un-checking their check boxes.

The first two metrics simply adjust the word and letter spacing of text to try to achieve a fit.

The adjustment is between the supplied limits and is in addition to any spacing metrics already in effect on the text.

The Leading Scale metric modifies the leading and paragraph spacing of text within the percentage limits supplied.

In this example, leading and paragraph spacing could be increased from their initial values by as much as 200% during fitting (or reduced to 75%)

Adjust the gap between paragraphs independently of the leading via this metric.

Adjustments range between the Min and Max point values supplied. If Min is set to 0 then paragraph spacing will never be reduced. If Max is set to 0, paragraph spacing will never be increased.

The final metric adjusts the font size of all text in a text box by the same number of points in order to obtain best fitting.

Fitting may be restricted to text that overflows its text box (overset text).

The alignment to be used to underset
text (text which does not require fitting)

Default "Top" alignment for two linked text boxes

"Full Alignment" applied across both linked text boxes.


  • Text fitting is computationally expensive. It is not advisable to edit text with full fitting activated. Apply it only once editing is complete.
  • Text Box alignment is remembered even after closing and re-opening PDFs.
  • Original formatting (font size, leading & spacing) is restored once full fitting is turned off.
  • Unlike the other alignment modes, full text fitting can be applied across linked text boxes.