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Marshalling Text


Infix can grab the text from multiple text blocks within a specific area of the page, sort it and form a new text box containing all the grabbed text. This can be useful for documents that have many disjoint text blocks making editing difficult.

This example shown two columns of text that, due to the way the PDF is formed, cause a jumbled set of text blocks to be created by Infix making editing difficult.

(View > Show Text Frames has been enabled to show the outline of each text box)

Choose the Text tool and drag-out a new text box large enough to enclose all of the text you wish to grab.

Text > Text Boxes > Marshal Text

Infix will remove all text covered by your empty text box from the existing text boxes.

It will then perform a simple x-y sort on the grabbed text and place it into your new box.

Original text boxes that become empty as a result will be deleted.