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Line Spacing



Form Filler

Use the "Line Spacing" dialogue box to set line spacing values other than Single, 1.5 and Double.

While in text edit mode, choose Text > Line Spacing... from the main menu bar.

The Letter Spacing dialogue box offers "At Least", "Exactly" & "Multiple" spacing modes.

At Least

This paragraph shows the effect of the "At Least" mode in which you tell Infix the minimum gap between lines (measured in points).

To stop the "default" line (shown left) from colliding with the previous line, Infix has automatically increased its line spacing.


This paragraph shows the effect of the "Exactly" setting in which you tell Infix the exact gap size between lines (measured in points).

Infix has used exactly the same spacing for each line regardless of whether or not they collide.


Use "Multiple" mode to specify gaps such as "2.5 lines" meaning that the gap will be at least 2.5 times the line height.

Setting multiples of 1, 1.5 or 2 is the same as pressing the single, 1.5 or double spacing buttons on the formatting toolbar.