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Flowing Text Around Graphics


In order to retain the contour of a paragraph that flows around a graphic the widths of lines should be locked during editing.

Select the Text tool from the tool bar and click inside the paragraph to begin editing.

Select lines whose shape follows the contour of the graphic. Lines that do not follow the shape need not be selected.

In this example every line of the paragraph needs to be selected.

Choose Text > Fix Line Width from the menu bar to lock the selected lines.

"Fixed" lines have an addition border showing the shape of the line.




Make sure the alignment is correct. Infix may have chosen the wrong alignment due to unusual shape of the paragraph.

Edit the text as normal.

Although the text will reflow, the shapes of the fixed lines will not alter.

You can alter the shape of each line by moving the left or right margin.

Finish editing as normal.

In this example, each line has been reshaped to ensure the new text curves around the blue oval.





  • You cannot use Text > Fix Line Widths on rotated text.